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The Smart Choice Credit Union, formerly known as the Bradley Initiative Credit Union (BICU), was founded by the Bradley Initiative Church and Community (BICC) in 2003.

We are located in the re-modeled Blythe Avenue School, now known as the Blythe Neighborhood Safe Haven and Resource Center. Our services are designed for all residents and offered in a friendly, comfortable environment in a location that is not only convenient to the neighborhood, but secure as well. Although the history of our credit union is relatively new, our future is bright and promising and our growth potential is unlimited. Current membership is at 3,340 and we forsee that membership number increasing as we continue to provide our current services and implement additional programs. We are proud of our 18 years of service to the Cleveland and Bradley community and are looking forward to many more. Credit union being a Minority Depository Institution, A Community Development Institution and a low income designated Institution


  • Consumer Loans
  • 1st & 2nd Mortgage
  • New Vehicle
  • New Car SPECIAL
  • Used Vehicles

Smart Choice Credit Union - Banking in Cleveland, TN


It is indeed a pleasure to have an opportunity to welcome our members to our new credit union website, SmartChoiceCreditUnion.com. We fully anticipate that Smart Choice will provide new and exciting services, many of them electronic in future updates. I urge you to participate in your credit union as a member and an owner.  Denis Collins, President

Denis has over 45 years experience in Banking and the Credit Union Business. Also, Linda has several years in Banking and Credit Union experience.

Smart Choice is a minority depository institution, a community development institution and a low income designated credit union.

NCUA - National Credit Union Administration