2018 Annual Members Meeting

Dedication and Grand Opening of Blythe-Oldfield Park

On November the 18th the Blythe Old Field Park was dedicated. Mayor Tom Rowland, City Councilmen Charles McKenzie, Avery Johnson and Bill Estes spoke on behalf of the City Of Cleveland. Dustin Tommey was instrumental in the construction and completion of the project.

Denis Collins, Diane Nabors and Linda Bishop along with the BEAVER represented SCCU, along with Board Chairman Ed McIntire. approximately 100 local residents attended. Food was provided by Sponey’s Bar B Q, 100 Black Men of Cleveland and the Blythe old Field Committee.  SCCU provided beverages.
2018 Annual Members Meeting

Second Annual Kiwanis Club Golf Tournament

This is SCCU’s 2017 championship wining golf team. For the second time SCCU defended it’s title in the second annual Kiwanis Club Golf Tournament. It was a beautiful day to spend time outside enjoying the beautiful Chatata Valley Golf Course. The SCCU team worked well together to bring home another championship. They contribute their win to the love of the sport, hours spent practicing, playing for a good cause, and the desire to make the rest at SCCU proud. We are so grateful to the team at the Kiwanis Club that made this day such an enjoyable event and much fun was had by all. We hope to bring home another championship team next year and look forward to counting to support this wonderful organization.  Pictured are Clark Melton, Keoni Vidrine, David Collins and SCCU’s President Denis Collins.  
2018 Annual Members Meeting

Win $50.00 – Membership Contest

Contest Rules

Attention members! The Credit Union is currently running a special offer for all current members. Starting today, tell your friends and family about  Smart Choice, and if you get 5 new members to join our credit union, you will receive $50.00.

Contest ends 12-31-2017. For more details please call or stop in today!

Emergency Fund

More than 80% of the American people have less than $1000 in an emergency fund. If you are among this 80% please contact Smart Choice and let us show you how we can assist you in setting this up.  Call Denis, Diane or Linda @ 423-559-1181 or e-mail us at smart@smartchoicecreditunion.com and we will explain how it works.

Ever need money and you don’t have it available for an emergency ? Lots of people have to resort to a payday lender or a title pawn shop. Please let SCCU show you how to avoid high interest rates. Call TODAY.